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Workforce Accommodations

Connected & Supported

Promoting Health & Wellness

First Pac West has set a new social and environmental standard for workforce accommodations with the patented Solace Longhouse System. The system is the exclusive premier alternative to conventional trailer camps.

Attract and retain your workforce with no increase in occupancy cost. First Pac West, partnered with Sprung Structures and Hatch, can quickly deliver the Solace Longhouse system globally and on budget.

Engineered for extreme weather conditions, the Solace Longhouse consists of two independent systems. Like a ship in a bottle, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) structures sit within a tensioned Tedlar fluoropolymer architectural membrane exterior, creating an ecosphere, protected from external elements. The Solace Longhouse is ideal for building on challenging construction sites.

Solace Longhouse


  • Exceptional architectural and structural strength and integrity, rated as a permanent structure with an indefinite lifespan
  • Hurricane and earthquake resistant
  • Resistant to the growth of mold
  • Fire resistant CLT provides additional thermal and sound insulation
  • Portable, re-deployable for other projects or repurposed as Legacy gifts
  • Scalable and configurable to any requirements
  • Experiences less that 1.5% air loss; can be oxygenated; can be operated at positive pressure
Operational and Capital Cost Savings

Environmental Benefits

  • 30% to 70% less power required to heat and light
  • 65% smaller footprint,reducing impact and costs associated with site preperation and reclaimation
  • Features of interior and exterior structures combine to generate significant carbon savings and credits
  • LEED certifiable; buildings & communities will sustain the health of all life
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fpw-Longhouse bedroom

Rest and Rejuvenate in Comfort

  • CLT’s natural wood finish and quality provides a healthy and inviting interior
  • Personal quarters can be customized
  • Lodging, communal facilities and atriums under one roof
  • 50 foot ceilings provide extensive sight lines, broad window walls and natural light
  • Recreation and gym facilities are unlimited

Solace Longhouse System

The Solace Longhouse System is the clear choice for your workforce accommodation needs. 

The Solace Longhouse is a transformative improvement from the traditional unhealthy trailer experience. It will improve employee recruitment, retention and productivity.

Your most important resource is your workforce and they deserve the lifestyle and comfort of a Longhouse.