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Raven Story

First Pac West’s story is reflected by the Dancing Raven gracefully celebrating the introduction of change and progress.

First Pac West offers intuitiveness and transformational values that are necessary for humanity to reach a new light.

The Raven represents rebirth, renewal and change.

This Raven is known for intelligence and a distinctive voice worth listening to.

Raven has been a teacher and guide for many centuries.

To ancient Greeks, Raven carried messages from the Devine.

To First Nations, Raven brought the light.

The First Pac West raven art was created by Alano Edzerza, a Tahltan multimedia artist and member of the Ganhada tribe. He has had numerous group shows and solo shows in Canada and abroad and is one of the key artists in the contemporary northwest coast art movement.

“My mandate as a young business owner is to not only to continue to succeed in running my own business, but to grow and be able to and show other artists native and non native alike that we all can create successful business from our talents.”

He is the owner and director of Edzerza Gallery, Edzerza sports and Edzerza Artworks and has been running his own business since 2007. Recently, Edzerza Gallery has moved from the downtown Vancouver location to a fully operational online store and gallery,