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Solace Longhouse

Endless Possibilities

Innovative, Adaptable, Sustainable


No dimensional constraints.

The Solace Longhouse offers an unparalleled building solution for a variety of applications. Mass timber interior structures are insulated and protected from external elements by a Sprung tensioned membrane envelope. This near airtight enclosure results in significant operational savings.

These components provide the structure with a high degree of strength and flexibility that can endure even the most extreme weather conditions and seismic activity.

Interior and exterior structures have indefinite life-spans making the Solace Longhouse System a permanent and durable asset. All components are fully demountable and reconfigurable, allowing structures to be relocated and repurposed to meet any requirements.


Strength & Durability

Construction of the Solace Longhouse entails of the industry leading Tensioned Membrane Envelope, which creates open and expansive interior spaces. Mass timber interiors provide exceptional strength and durability paired with the natural beauty of engineered timber. The Solace Longhouse is customizable with custom features including graphics and colour.